• Label Stock L-seal Wrapper
  • Label Stock L-seal Wrapper

Label Stock L-seal Wrapper

The FL5545 is a high-volume L-seal wrapper with heat tunnel system that provides rapid packaging of POS and similar rolls. This L-seal wrapping machine is designed to process from 1 to 10 rolls per pack. A pack can be arranged with 1 to 2 rows. The L-seal wrapping line mates easily with the GPPE and can be arranged to suit nearly any plant layout.

  • Higher efficiency, lower fuel consumption

Standard Specifications (custom sizes are available)

Maximum Processing Speed
20 cycles (rows) per minute
Minimum Roll Diameter
2.0inches (50mm)
Maximum Roll Diameter
3.94inches (100mm)
Minimum Roll Width
1.46inches (37mm)
Maximum Roll Width
3.94inches (100mm)
Film Types
Low temperature shrinking POF film
Package Width
Package Length
Roll Position
Film Roll

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