• GPPE Masking paper Manual Surface Rewinder
  • GPPE Masking paper Manual Surface Rewinder

GPPE Masking paper Manual Surface Rewinder

GP-X manual surface rewinding machine is typically utilized in traditional operation. This manual surface rewinder can be used for a wide variety of roll products: point of sale, ATM, lottery ticket, airline boarding passes, counter, butcher, newsprint, roof underlayment, home and auto masking, pressure sensitive labels, and so on.

  • Higher efficiency, lower fuel consumption

Operator Responsibilities Each Cycle
The operator is responsible for loading cores, placing the mandrel into the rewinding station, cutting the tails, wrapping the tails around the cores, tucking the tails, winding the rolls to the desired length, and transferring the finished rolls to a packing table. The operator dictates the cycle time.

Standard Features (in addition to the previously identified GPPE features):
1. Manual mandrel insertion system.
2. Manual tail cutter.
3. Manual gluing/tapping.
4. Manual roll packing.
5. This manual surface rewinder can be upgraded to 2-ply configurations.

Optional Features
Flexographic printing
It is used for online printing when slitting rolls, paper accumulation buffer keeps the printing nonstop during the cycles gap, up to 4 color on-line printing.

Double Web System
By adding an additional unwind stand and the dual web package, the operator can load two narrow width master rolls into this semi-automatic surface rewinder and process both rolls simultaneously. This allows the operator to maximize slitting efficiency when processing long runs of narrow width master rolls.